Cold Medicine and Ignition Interlocks

A popular news story this week is about Nancy Kerrigan’s brother being forced back to jail for failing his alcohol test. Although he is currently charged with manslaughter, this story does bring up an interesting point for people who currently have or will have an ignition interlock installed.

Kerrigan’s brother claims that he failed the alcohol test because he took cold medicine that contains alcohol. This may not be a cop out because the truth is many cold medicines contain alcohol. A lot of mouthwashes contain a significant percentage of alcohol, as well.

Both cold medicine and mouthwash can affect what you blow when you want to start your car. We understand that it can be an annoyance. However if you buy these products in an alcohol-free form, it is ensured that your interlock will read your breath correctly. This can be especially helpful during those times when you are in a hurry.

Take the extra time to seek out alcohol-free medicines and mouthwashes. Vicks does make an alcohol-free Nyquil, but you can also talk to a doctor or a pharmacist. Reaching out to AA or other rehab centers may also help you find alternatives.

It’s important to understand that with an ignition interlock, especially if you’re required to have one, it is one of those things where the less stressful you make it, the easier this process will be.

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